What information does a Joomla template contain?

Joomla places content into areas of the website in Modules. A template identifies the structure of where the modules are, what they look like and gives a name to them so you can tell Joomla where specific content goes i.e. by module position. Templates also define the overall look and feel of the site. Possible styling could include:

Graphic Design:

  • Font size, color and line spacing
  • border sizes, colors, scalability
  • graphical components on the screen e.g. logo
  • Menu graphic design
  • Will the menus expand, highlight, change colors, or have other special effects when you rollover them?

Site Structure:

  • Whether the site fills the available screen size or is fixed width
  • how many columns it should have
  • Menu design and position

Module styling:

  • rounded edges or square
  • drop shadows or color accents to make module content appear three dimensional.
  • ability of the module to expand if there are no modules occupying the adjacent space.

Some developers bundle additional Joomla components with their templates to streamline the implementation of this functionality e.g. shopping carts for e-commerce templates or a slideshow for a home page. You'll need to read instructions for any templates you buy in order to learn how to install the customized features it comes with.