How Does Joomla Work

With traditional website design, there is a bottleneck whereby the webmaster must enter all the content into the site.  In a large organization, it's possible to have designated contributors each with web editing software like FrontPage or Dreamweaver, but the costs add up, and each person must be trained to work with HTML.  The larger the group of contributors, the higher the cost.  Speaking from experience, a couple of incorrect keystrokes can ruin a website.  One poorly trained contributor can make a huge mess. With Joomla! a template is set up by the developer, the owner/administrator can give permission to others who would simply need internet access to log in and enter content on their own schedule.  There are tools built in to the back end to customize the look and feel of the page, much like you would use in creating a Word document.  The administrator can allow others to publish directly, or have it approved first.